Invisibles - Children's Book

Ever wonder where that missing sock went? How about that last piece of a puzzle set? Are these items just lost? Maybe, or perhaps the Invisibles had something to do with it. The Invisibles are adorable, imaginative creatures that like to hide and cause a little trouble now and then. Children are the only ones to help keep them out of mischief. But children have been too busy on their screens lately.

The Invisibles are bored, and chaos follows. Can children find time for both screens and the real world? Or will the Invisibles…be invisible…forever?

Can you find them? If you’re not on a screen, maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of the Invisibles. Have a look inside to see what adventures await!

Eleanor and Eugene Chun are partners in the creation of educational children’s books and in raising their two children. Eleanor is a professional writer and children’s author in Toronto, and Eugene is an illustrator and educator.

Stay tuned for more books about these playful Invisibles and the modern-life lessons they discover together with children.






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